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Our mission is to bridge the gap between traditional space mission architectures and the infrastructure needed for second-generation space robotics. We want to shake up how the space industry works, breaking long cycle times, rigid architectures, and inflexibility in mission planning that dominates the space industry. We will launch a demonstration mission with our technology in May 2024. 

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All civilizations become either spacefaring or extinct.  -Carl Sagan


We are a dynamic startup operating out of Flagstaff, AZ with ambitions to revolutionize the space industry. We look to advance innovations with in-space robotics, assembly, and manufacturing while seeking to solve existing problems like congestion and traffic management in space. We place an emphasis on leveraging modular technology to provide customers with responsiveness, mission flexibility, and sustainability.

We’ve partnered with the Air Force Research Lab, the United States Space Force, and other commercial organizations to enhance our developments and accelerate impact on resiliency and sustainability in space. We will launch a demonstration mission with our mission partners to in May 2024.