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We leverage several breakthrough innovations developed in-house related to next-generation satellite operations to provide significant value to operators. This enabling technology provides the fundamental infrastructure that tomorrow's entrepreneurs will use to build the global space economy on.    

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All civilizations become either spacefaring or extinct.  -Carl Sagan

Meet the team

Ghonhee Lee

Driven by passion for space exploration and climbing mountains, Ghonhee strives for the challenging path.

Ghonhee honed his leadership directing space research and development organizations ranging from 10 to 50 engineers and guiding teams on crevassed glaciers while summiting Cascade volcanoes.

Past multi-domain experience includes positions in Systems Engineering, Guidance, Navigation, & Control, and Integration & Test within the Space & Defense sector.

Nicholas Liapis

With a masters in Dynamics & Controls and a thesis in optimized astrodynamics in irregular environments, Nicholas brings highly relevant technical expertise.

Nicholas has been a lead engineer for a space startup, a systems engineer for Boeing Space & Defense, and led several satellite and mission design efforts ranging from 5 to 10 engineers.

Kaleb Beebout

Stemming from his belief in lifelong learning, Kaleb has built an enthusiasm for hardware-based development.

Kaleb leveraged his technical innovation, creativity and understanding of big picture business concepts in a hardware R&D role at a composites startup where he is a co-inventor on four patents from his work.


Founded in 2020, Katalyst Space Technologies is an engineering research & development company focused on modular spacecraft designs and mission architectures intended to interact with on-orbit service. The small business operates out of its headquarters in Flagstaff, AZ and has a staff of 9 full-time engineers.

A core component of the Company’s mission is to advance novel innovations associated with on-orbit, servicing, and assembly. Katalyst’s roadmap emphasizes small satellite (“SmallSat”) development and technologies related to refueling, on-orbit structures and mechanisms, and algorithms necessary to conduct such operations. Katalyst envisions utilizing such solutions to solve challenges presented from the proliferation of untracked Resident Space Objects (RSOs) as well as deploying modular and serviceable platforms within Earth’s sphere of influence.

Katalyst is funded through a mix of private and government monies such as awards through the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program.